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Minhwa- Korean Folk Painting

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 Minhwa- Korean Folk Painting

HARUHANA- ‘Minhwa’, Korean Folk Painting is one of our excellent cultural inheritances from ancestors and a traditional painting on the true pictures of our lives only by us. So, Korean folk paintings include dream, love and wisdom of our ancestors.

“Chosun Minhwa Museum” is a specialized folk painting museum, where about 200 paintings among 3,000 folk paintings from Chosun Dynasty and over 100 modern folk paintings are exhibited. The formers are the representative collections of folk paintings on fishes & crabs, flowers & birds, magpie or tiger etc., which contain the simple joy and sorrow of common people. This museum brought to the attention of common people and lovers of folk paintings the significance of cultural sensibility and traditional values by collecting, maintaining and exhibiting folk paintings mainly including the ones from Chosun dynasty.
Size: 168mm x 143mm x 39mm, 710g, 640pages, desk-paintings, marked with national holidays, the 24 solar terms and the lunar calendar
High-quality gift case with dignity and sincerity (can be used as a HARUHANA keeping box)

 An inflectional paradigm
≫ A ‘gift’ for precious friends.   
It would be a good present for VIP customers in business, buyers, close relatives, parents, teachers, and sweet-hearts.

≫ A ‘souvenir’ of events and promises.   
It can be used as sort of a souvenir of an event, a promise, and a season’s greeting party.

≫ For ‘educational’ instruments at Universities or other social organizations.   
It could be a good educational tool at elementary schools, middle schools, universities, academies, institutes, community centers, social clubs and many others.

≫ At the office   
You have a nice day with HARUHANA.

≫ Using an Interior decoration.   
It is proper to inner decoration on the TV set, furniture, tables at house and desks of stores

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